Why Plus-Size Women Are Considered Hot and Sexy by Men Today

Both society and fashion have spent the better part of the last few decades (or, if we’re honest, a lot more than a few) telling women how they should look. Looking a certain way had to do with not only your health but also your overall success, love life, happiness, and general well-being. 


Not that long ago, things started shifting. Although there have always been plus-size women, they weren’t always so free to love themselves and enjoy their bodies. Society shamed them, and clothing stores completely excluded them. When being thin was associated with being happy, loved, and respected, being plus-size was almost a sin against humanity.


Being size 16 or even size 14 meant you couldn’t find fashion brands you liked that also made the clothes that fit you. And let’s not talk about how things were for people who are size 24, for example! 


The fashion world was cruel. But so were other aspects of life. It’s not just the fashion industry that villainized curvy women. 


Luckily, things have changed. Well, they changed a bit. Plus-size women now have more choices when it comes to fashion, thanks to the rise of size fashion. Size inclusivity stretches throughout all aspects of life now. 

So, curvy women also have more freedom to be who they are unapologetically. They also have more lustful looks coming their way.


Or is that the case? Have men started being interested in plus-size women only recently?


The answer is no. Men have always loved women who had a bit more meat on their bones. But now, thanks to the shift in discourse and the body positivity movement, they can openly and freely proclaim their preferences. 


But why do men prefer plus-size women?


Plus-Size Women Are Better Cuddlers

One of the many perks of dating a curvy lady is that the cuddling will be simply divine. It’s one of many plus-size facts that bigger women are better cuddlers.


There’s not much behind it other than the fact that they aren’t bony. Their curves are soft and inviting. Not to mention, cuddling with a plus-size woman is comfortable.


Of course, this is by no means a dig at women who are slimmer or thinner. It’s just a fact of life. People who are curvier cuddle better. 


You can even find a shirt with that same slogan. And, thanks to the changes in the way fashion brands approach size inclusivity and the way they size clothes, you can find that shirt in any size!

But it’s not just that plus-size women are more comfortable to cuddle that makes them attractive to men. It’s the fact that this is a very sexy trait. Now, cuddling isn’t inherently sexy, but the fact that a man knows he’ll get to enjoy it immensely with a curvy woman makes her more attractive to him.


They Know How to Style Themselves


As we mentioned, fashion used to be exceptionally cruel to curvy women. Finding the right size dresses, pants, or even underwear was a nightmare for many plus-size women. And it still is.


If you’re of a larger size, your selection of what you can buy is much smaller. Not to mention, it’s usually way more expensive. Brands sometimes charge more, depending on the body types that the clothes are intended for. If that sounds unfair, it’s because it is.


Today, you can see plus-size models advertising famous brands’ clothes. But because that’s a new development, curvy women had to learn to adapt to the market. Sure, they all had the objective to change it, but in the meantime, they had to work with what they had.


That means that most curvy women developed a sort of thoughtfulness when it comes to clothes. Because they (unfortunately) didn’t have as much access to fast fashion, they had to develop a thoughtful sense of style. 


Curvy women think about every item of clothing they buy. They also think about styling and making the pieces work together.


In other words, curvy women care about themselves and their appearance. And, as we all know quite well, men find that particular trait attractive.


Plus-Size Women Are More Confident 

If you ask any curvy woman what her path to self-love and acceptance looked like, they’ll tell you it was an uphill battle. That’s especially true for women who are from the older generations. Not that long ago, being thin was the epitome of beauty. Loving yourself even though you don’t fit into the societal image of a perfect woman is quite hard.


But, it’s not impossible. It takes a lot of effort and self-acceptance, but the results are glorious. Curvy women who are unapologetically themselves, who love their bodies and enjoy them, are confident.

That confidence is radiant. It’s attractive and sexy. Women who know their worth and carry themselves with the spirit of a person who knows they are sexy are tempting and magnetic.


That’s just one of the reasons men love plus-size women. They have the confidence of someone who overcame their insecurities and who projects their self-worth. And nothing is sexier than confidence.


They Do Not Conform to Passing Beauty Standards

Even though society has progressed a bit, we’re still a long way away from accepting that every size is beautiful. The media is still sending the message that “only thin is beautiful,” and no matter how many plus-size mannequins we put in department stores, that won’t change (for now).


Curvy women don’t conform to those societal expectations. They don’t do what society tells them they are supposed to be doing. They are going against everything confidently and with style. And that’s attractive.


Plus-Size Women Are Good in Bed Too

Being attractive to other people really doesn’t have anything to do with how you look. Sure, beauty is something that catches the eye. However, confidence is what keeps someone’s interest. Being confident is the key to attractiveness, and curvy women have plenty of that.


That penetrates all aspects of their lives, including their sex lives. Plus-size women know their worth and are comfortable with their bodies. That means they are more relaxed and confident in bed. 


Having sex with a confident person who isn’t afraid to ask what they want and offer everything they have is insanely sexy. It’s so much better than sleeping with someone who is conventionally “attractive” but full of insecurities and self-doubt.


Curvy women are attractive to men because they are attractive. There’s not much more to it than that. Their confidence, poise, and style attract men like flies. They know it, and it shows.