What is Sex Toys and why should you use it

Dildos and vibrators were still a taboo topic until recently. Meanwhile, they are no longer associated with lonely desperate women; they have become a part of the shared love game with couples.

Women talk openly about sex toys, some wear them as a sign of sexual liberation even on a chain around the neck.  So much for sex toys for the woman. The male counterpart to the dildo is the Travel pussy. Something still, something that hardly anyone talks about, and if so, then something more embarrassing.

All the more important to speak plaintext! And who could better answer the question of what is a fleshlight. “You mean those artificial vaginas?” That’s the way to call it. Alone, we would try it because our penis is similar to Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise, not because of the bald head, but because Picard and his crew like to penetrate into ‘galaxies that no one has ever seen before ‘For example in Travel pussies.’

Would you also try them out with a partner? “Unlike vibrators, they have never been socially accepted in a relationship, and while we now hold the dildo in our hands without hesitation, it would be rather uncomfortable for us to hold our penis in a rubber pad with a mumu in our presence to sink. Maybe we’re just not to loose enough or even considerate. “

Suppose you try it out, would it be something that would make you uncomfortable as a male? Do you think about it at all? If you are not there, we do not care about the external effects of sex toys, because we think at the most after the orgasm shortly.

As long as you do it you do not prefer your girlfriend. Otherwise you complain always that we often totally banal things like football, friends and alcohol give priority over you. The rubber pussy is definitely one of the most mundane things in life. If you have a choice between you and the replica of your genitalia, we will definitely choose the original one, for sure.

So choose your sex toy for gays

Sex shops have a huge assortment of sex toys and sex toys aimed at a very broad audience. We want to address all our customers in their diversity and of course also offer toys for gay men. That’s why we’ve created a new subcategory for him in the category of sex toys where we offer our best sex toys for gays.

In product range you are guaranteed to find your luck. Between our natural dildos, anal plugs, XXL dildos, prostate stimulators, inflatable men’s sex dolls or silicone torsos with washboard belly, there are also numerous blowjob masturbators or rubber toys with anus opening that promise a truly authentic. Of course, in our shop you can also find penis pumps and penis rings, with which you can put your best piece even better in scene.

Among our little helpers in the field of drugstore & wellness are especially the anal lubrication and muscle relaxing lubricants for anal intercourse. Maybe the cream for penis enlargement is interesting for you. If you cannot decide and want to buy several items at a discounted price, we also offer different sex toy sets for which you get an interesting discount.

Belt for Gay Couples

If you are looking for a sex toy that you would like to share together to make your gay sex even more exciting then perhaps one of our hollow strap on dildos is the right toy for you. They give your penis a different shape and give you perhaps an inch or two of which your partner will benefit.

Another gay toy that makes sense only in pairs is the penile shell. Increase your penis volume and gain a few inches with a simple sleeve. Or choose a vibro sleeve that comes with a small vibro capsule. Other models are studded, grooved or have a different surface texture that makes sex even more sexy for you. With a penis extension, you can also last longer and have a harder erection! A great little pleasure donor for the gay man.

Dildo for the man

Big or small, long or short, thick or narrow – we know each other with dildos at Love and Vibes! Our range includes not only simple dildos and realistic nature dildos, but also models with great extras, such as inflatable anal dildos, dildo vibrators or dildos with rotation or impact function. No matter which criterion is most important to you, with us you will find the perfect male dildo for your needs. Do not forget to order a suitable Anal Lubricant. Then the dildo shaft slides better and brings more fun!

Fancy Anal Fisting

Fisting is equally popular with heteros and homos. For this special sexual practice we have recently a small selection of fisting dildos in the assortment. With these dildos in fist or hand form, you can stretch your anus wonderfully. Our fist dildos are available in different sizes and stretch up to 7 cm! The two smaller models are equipped with a practical squeegee. Then you can use these fisting dildos very well solo.

Inflatable sex dolls for gays

Our two men to inflate do everything to fulfill your wishes! Live out your gay sex fantasies with the two male sex dolls. One of the two male dolls is delivered with a vibrator, while the other male doll is equipped with realistic hands and feet and a firmly integrated penis vibrator and anus.

Plugs and anal dildos for men

Butt plugs and butt plugs can be found in our sex shop under the brand. For men is especially the great combination of plug and cock ring. A plug is inserted into the anus, while a penis and testicle ring at the front provides stamina and endurance.

The Best Masturbator for gays

Many masturbators focus on the detailed reproduction of a vagina on hetero-men. Many models are also designed in the shape of a narrow anus, perfect for the gay man who is looking for a solo sex toy for his lonely hours. Other masturbators whose mouth is shaped like a mouth give your masturbation a wet blowjob touch.