Misconceptions About Plus Sized Women In The Bedroom

When it comes to bad reputations, there are few women out there who get a worse rap than plus sized women when they’re doing stuff in the bedroom. For some reason, men have a lot of misconceptions about bigger women in bed – and the vast majority of them just aren’t true. Here are some of the worst myths plus sized women have heard, and the truths that everyone should know about sleeping with a plus sized girl.

Have you ever gotten flak for sleeping with a plus sized woman? Tell us how you dealt with the hate in the comments below.

Myth: Plus-sized women don’t get laid. SURPRISE! They do get action. In fact, there are many women out there who are plus-sized who get more action than a size 6 does. The truth is that there are many men out there who are into bigger women, even if they might not admit it to themselves.

Myth: Plus-sized women will have sex with anyone that offers. Just because plus-sized girls have a bigger waistline doesn’t mean they can’t have standards! Neither big girls nor thin girls ever have to give up on standards just so they can have sex. In fact, bigger girls tend to be more choosy simply because they see how poorly men treat women – and because they know they can avoid that with the right guy.

Myth: Bigger girls are more down for casual flings. Not really. The truth is that there are big women and small women who are into casual flings, but the number of women who are into that is relatively stable. Just because she’s bigger doesn’t mean she’ll be willing to be a third in your threesome.

Myth: Big girls smell bad. A person’s scent has nothing to do with the size of their jeans. This is all about hygiene, as well as genetics. If you aren’t bathed, you’re going to reek no matter what size you’re at. It’s sad that they can’t even figure this one out.

Myth: Plus-sized women are more open to kink because they need to work harder to please their men. Nuh uh. Much like with the idea that plus sized girls are more down for casual flings because any sex is good sex to them, this idea hinges on the idea that plus-sized girls are desperate for any man to stay with them. If they’re kinky, they’re kinky because they want to be – not because they feel they have to be to “keep a man.”

Myth: Plus-sized girls give better head. Much like anything else when it comes to sex, your mileage might vary. There are some bigger women out there who are outstanding at oral sex, but there are also plenty who don’t enjoy the idea of it at all. Don’t assume something will be good just based on waistline.

Myth: Plus-sized girls are lazy in bed. This myth obviously came up because of the idea that plus sized people aren’t physically active. The fact is that only a very small percentage of plus sized people have limited mobility, and that many plus sized girls do actually have a bigger size while looking healthy. So, yes, they can be active in bed – and often are!

Myth: Plus-sized girls look terrible in lingerie. Oh, really? Well, we guess all those plus-sized models that men often drool over in lingerie ads aren’t that hot. It doesn’t matter that plus-sized girls have made the pages of Sports Illustrated or anything like that, right? We shouldn’t explain why this is such a big fat lie…

Myth: Plus-sized girls expect men to have perfect six packs and huge members. This might be a shocker, but looks really don’t matter too much to women in general. Sure, it might be nice to have a guy who has those traits, but most women, plus-sized or otherwise, won’t care if he has a six pack if they want to sleep with him.

Myth: Plus sized girls are more likely to be dominant with men. We can thank the old Hollywood comedy trope of a big, burly woman dragging a screaming man away to the bedroom for this one. The truth is that a woman’s size doesn’t really suggest that she’ll be a dominant or submissive person in the bedroom – her attitude does all that.

Myth: Plus-sized girls can be treated like crap after the sex is over, and they won’t mind because they’re used to it. Believe it or not, some men actually think this is true. If you’re a guy who thinks it’s EVER okay to treat a woman like dirt, you need to get help. This is really unhealthy, and no, heavier ladies are not used to this. After all, NO ONE should be treated this way by ANYONE.

Myth: You can get crushed by having a plus-sized woman on top. The human body is surprisingly crush-proof. Unless the woman who you’re sleeping with is 500 pounds or so, she can bounce on your hips all she wants without actually crushing you at all. This isn’t a Looney Tunes episode, you know!

Myth: Women who are bigger are more insecure about their bodies. Many women who are plus-sized are insecure – but often only because people make them feel that way through constant derision. Most of the time, they will love honest, genuine compliments. But, really, many are plenty confident on their own, too.

Myth: The only men who dig plus-sized women are fat fetishists. Oh dear. This is actually more of a blow to the men who talk about this myth than the women. Why? Because it paints men as shallow people who can’t be attracted to a person’s personality.

Myth: Plus-sized women are a man’s last resort to getting laid. For some men, this might be true. But, the truth is that most plus-sized girls can tell when they’re a guy’s last resort…and will avoid those men like the plague. Plus sized women do have options, after all.