10 Easy Tips for Plus Size Girls Having Sex

There are tons of tips out there for thin people about having sex and getting ready and fun new positions to try. However, plus size girls fall under the radar almost all of the time. With the body positive movement helping to make self-confidence a normalized thing, it’s the perfect time to list some easy tips for plus size girls to help them be safe, comfortable, and enjoy the sex they’re having it. Obviously, some of these tips are going to be NSFW (not safe for work), so please only continue reading if you’re comfortable with the content.

Keep the lights on. Own yourself. I’ve found through my own experience at least, that there can be a certain fear in showing your partner your body if you’re nervous or self-conscious. Do not be with a person that shames you for your body. Do not stay with a partner that makes you feel ugly, or too “big” or unattractive, or any of these things combined. You’re beautiful. Someone else is dying to appreciate you. You don’t need to waste your time on someone that doesn’t make you feel special for who you are.
Always put your comfort first. Don’t give blowjobs kneeling down if it’s too hard on your knees or back. Don’t feel like you have to have shower sex if it cranks your legs at unnatural angles. You can change these positions into positions that work, and feel good for you. Lie down to give blowjobs, it gives you excellent control, and there are tons of variations on the positions. You can be comfortable, supporting yourself with pillows under your tummy or chest if needed, and it’ll let you enjoy the mood without focusing on the pain of the position.

Thighs chafe. It’s not that big of a deal. If you find your thighs chafing while riding, or in any position, put a dab of coconut oil, or even lube, on the inside of your thighs (do not put coconut oil in your coochie), it’ll make your skin super soft, and again, you’re not bothered by rashes, irritation, or rubbing.
Use tools. Use toys! Vibrators! Dildos! Butt plugs! The choices are endless, there are so many toys that you can add to your sexual life that will help enhance your experience and make sex better for you. Penetration is a super rare way that people cum, so use toys to make sex a fun time for you. Toys are also great if you want to practice riding but don’t want to try it out on your partner yet. You need to know your body super well so that you know what you want during sex.

Use pillows. Pillows are an amazing support tool. If put under your butt during missionary they help you with hip movement and feeling, and if used under your tummy, can help support yourself, or possibly your belly if it needs support.

Use the floor. Put down a blanket if need be, but if you’re having trouble with sinking into the mattress, the floor is sturdy, and you won’t be bouncing and sliding. It’s an excellent position for reverse cowgirl if you need steady floor support to help you out.

Don’t be afraid to get eaten out. There seems to be a lot of stigma against plus size girls getting eaten out, and as long as you’re clean and fresh, it’s the same as a thin person. Don’t feel ashamed for any reason.
Be honest with your partner. If you’re having sex with a penised person, and their length isn’t what you need, don’t be embarrassed in asking to buy either a strap-on or a penis extender. You can order them online, and they’ll be amazingly helpful if you need either more length, girth, or both.
Buy lingerie! While finding lingerie in stores is hard if you’re above an L, plenty of places sell plus size lingerie online, or even sexy costumes if you want to spice things up.

Keep water nearby. Don’t be afraid to take breaks. Sex can be hard work and it’s important to not overexert yourself, or dehydrate yourself. Keep yourself hydrated, and don’t push yourself past your limits!
Sex is all about being safe and enjoying yourself. Always be safe, comfortable, and relaxed.

Always use protection! I’ve read untrue myths about plus size people not being able to get pregnant because of our size, but it’s not true. Always keep yourself safe from pregnancy or potentially transmittable sicknesses. If your partner doesn’t make you feel safe or relaxed, you shouldn’t stay with them. You need to be valued and treated well. If your partner doesn’t want to take the time to make sure that sex is enjoyable for you and uses your size as a reason, dump them. They’re trash. There are so many people out there that will love you, and your size won’t matter to them at all.